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Studies Centre

The mission of Lazarski University Blockchain Studies Centre is to deepen understanding of Blockchain technology through interdisciplinary studies, teaching and interaction with business and public administration. As a result, to provide knowledge on blockchain technology demanded by the market, the Blockchain Studies Centre operates in various spheres including consultancy, training, lectures and postgraduate studies.


We are receiving requests form business and individuals willing to broaden their knowledge on blockchain technology in face-to-face individual format. Our specialists (team members and other experts required by the client) will fulfill your needs.


Our short training programmes include several hours or full-day workshops tailored to the needs of specific groups of people (e.g. from the same industry) who can obtain a certificate by the end of the programmes.


Our shorter (15 hours) or typical (30 hours) lectures are designed for Lazarski University needs as well as for other higher education institutions. They cover the Blockchain related topics such as: databases, cryptography, regulation of modern technology, cryptocurrencies and financial markets…many more to come.

Postgraduate studies

Our postgraduate study course on Blockchain technology topic is designed and developed based on the demands and needs of the market. The programme will be announced soon.