Blockchain Throwback & Future –

April, 2019, Warsaw, Poland

A conversation podium that lets you learn and interact on the Past and Future of blockchain.

The voice from Academicians, Technology enablers and Businesses.

Creating Poland’s largest blockchain Ecosystem.

Opportunity to connect with high profile blockchain enthusiasts, startup’s,

experts from across the world.

Organized byBlockchain technology Center, Lazarski University

Event PresidentProf. Krzysztof Piech, Director at Polish Blockchain Scientific Center 

Event Architect  – Nizar Jaffer, Database Technologies


Target Audience

Banking and Finance community | Blockchain Enthusiasts

Individuals interested in shaping their Careers in Functional and Technology space linked to blockchain (Finance and Banking Domain)

Students who are currently completing Masters in Finance, Banking and Business Management

“So, if you look at blockchain… I think the banks are really working on this now because the potential is so huge and if the top five, six global banks would put their minds to it and agree on a standard, you could force (that) standard onto the globe,” 

Ralph Hamers, chief executive of ING Group

Blockchain Throwback and Future – Framework

The objective is to bring about a community of Bockchain Academicians, technologists and Enthusiasts to build a center of excellence that can drive change in this space. The conversation is compartmentalized into 

 – Blockchain Technology Academic – Educational Series

 – Business Problems / Applications and Solutions –  API and     Algorithm series

Event Coordinator Krzysztof Szczucki 

Social Media Coordinator – Milena Tymińska

Marketing  Coordinator – Gerek Lukasz

Meetup Agenda

Education Series: API and Algorithm series –

Blockchain throwback and future, its relevance – Its application beyond cryptocurrency

API and Algorithm series –

How Blockchain Could Disrupt Banking

How banks are building a real time global payment network

Creating new Career possibilities in the Financial World 

Highlights of the meetup

Collaboration and Networking


  • To share, learn and network
  • Identify talent and develop a community of Blockchain academicians, technologists and enthusiasts
  • Mapping the meetup resources to the Blockchain Technology center
  • Bi monthly News letter
  • Online community for collaboration
  • To build a center of excellence in Blockchain technology
  • Opportunities for Academicians, Application developers (IT -Companies),Solution Seekers (Businesses)
  • Being a consulting body for Private companies, Government bodies
  • Creation of a platform for collaboration
  • Build case studies for Private and Public organizations for solution development
  • Deal Blockchain API and algorithm development
  • Student Enrollments for a short and highly industry driven Blockchain Program




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