Vision & Mission

To create the first interdisciplinary research and education centre dealing with blockchain technology and dominating in Poland, Central and Eastern Europe (and one of the leading centres in whole Europe). Through interaction with business and public administration, the centre will provide knowledge on blockchain technology needed in the market. Within 2-3 years, the centre should get the ability to receive research grants and provide a wide range of educational forums on blockchain and its various applications.

Scope of Activities

The Blockchain Technology Centre is an interdisciplinary unit that goes beyond the traditional boundaries of scientific disciplines. It aims at conducting research and providing education in four subject matters:

Law and regulations, including:

a. the protection of the of consumer rights, digital identity,

b. the new trends in the field of regulation of the Fin-Tech sector (including sandboxes, taxation)

c. legal barriers for blockchain technology applications and ways of their elimination,

d. the low of smart contracts and of decentralized autonomous organizations.

Economy and finance, including:

a. the influence of cryptocurrencies on financial markets and on innovations,

b. behavior of economic agents (‘cryptoeconomics’)

c. state innovation policy in the field of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies,

d. cryptocurrency markets,

e. investment strategies on the cryptocurrency markets.

Technology, including:

a. blockchain architecture,

b. smart contracts,

c. cryptography of blockchain technology.

Cybersecurity, including:

a. the protection of public records,

b. the protection of critical infrastructure,

c. protection of consumers (‘Internet of Things’).